You can access all the Export options by clicking the airplane icon in the top right of your board.

PNG Export Options

You can choose to Export (download) or Copy Image (to clipboard).

  • Background: You can include the background or you can exclude it if you want a transparent PNG.
  • Size: You can choose to export at 1x or 2x.
  • Selection: You can choose to export only what you have currently selected on the board.
  • Whole Board vs Separate Frames (wireframes only): In Wireframes, you can download the entire board as one image or you can export frames as individual images. Exporting as individual images is the best route if you intend to upload to InVision or Marvel.

PDF Export

The best way to export a board as a PDF is to click Export (airplane icon) and then select Print. Then save as a PDF from there.

Do we support vector exports?

Shapes and text will be in vector format when you save boards as a PDF (see above). We don't currently support SVG export or any type of export to Illustrator, Sketch, or Figma.

Copy and Paste for Quick Export

Protip: You can multi-select whatever you want from a board and copy it to your clipboard. Then you can paste directly into another app (some native apps like Slack unfortunately don't support this).

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