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Subscription & Billing

Understanding your invoices and updating your billing information

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Account Settings

Updating your password, email address or subscription preferences

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Getting Started

Get to know Whimsical at a high level so you can start creating 💡

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Frequently asked questions

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Managing a Workspace

Everything you need to know to manage your workspace, and its members

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Supported Devices

Find out how Whimsical works on your different devices

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Imports, Exports & Embeds

Learn how to add and extract content from Whimsical, or show it in other apps

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Data, Security & SAML

How we keep your data safe, and how you can help secure your account

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Using Themes & Templates

Make it easy to produce consistent & beautiful files

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keep your hands off the mouse, and use Whimsical at speed!

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Product Updates

What's new and changing in Whimsical

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