Offboarding users

User offboarding is a way to gain access to the workspace content under a user’s My Files after they leave your organization.

This feature is only available with an Org plan subscription. You will need admin access in your workspace to enable this feature.

Setting up User offboarding

  1. Go to Workspace settings:
  2. Toggle on User offboarding
  3. Select a folder location in a private team from the dropdown list for content to be moved to.

    If you don’t select a specific folder location, the offboarding content will be moved directly into the selected private team.

Only private teams are supported as a destination for offboarded user files. This is to prevent accidentally making user files public after they leave your organization. If you need to set up a new team for this, here’s how.

How user offboarding works

  • Automatic transfer: When User offboarding is enabled, all content under a user’s My Files will be moved to the selected destination when the user is removed or leaves the workspace.
  • Folder creation: Inside the selected destination, a new folder is automatically created per offboarded user. The folder is called Transferred from <user name> (<user email>). Every time the user is offboarded, we create a new folder.
  • Delay period:
    • To prevent accidentally moving files, as a default, we wait 72 hours after a user is offboarded to transfer their content. If you add the user back in this time, their content will not be moved.
    • If you remove a user from your workspace manually, you can choose whether to transfer their content immediately, after a 72 hour delay, or leave their content in place:

    • If a user is removed via SCIM or they select to leave your workspace, their content will be moved after 72 hours. Every time a user is removed, we restart their 72 hour timer.

If you need access to user files faster than 72 hours, you can contact Whimsical support at


Can an offboarded user rejoin a workspace?

  • Yes. A user can rejoin a workspace at any time after their My Files have been offboarded. They won’t have access to any offboarded files, but the offboarded folder can be shared with the user and they can move the files back to their My Files.

Can I delete the offboarding folder?

  • The selected folder for offboarding can’t be deleted while it is enabled for User offboarding. You need to select a new folder location for User offboarding under Workspace settings before you can delete the folder, or disable User offboarding.

What happens when I disable User offboarding?

  • You can disable User offboarding at any time. Simply toggle this off under Workspace settings. Once user offboarding is disabled, no further user offboarding will happen, including any users in the 72 hour waiting window.

Will users be notified that their content will be transferred?

  • If a user chooses to leave a workspace they will see a pop-up modal when selecting to leave the workspace to notify them that their My Files content will be transferred:

What content is transferred during User offboarding?

  • All files and folders under the user’s My Files will be transferred. This includes all file history, and comments.
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