Requesting workspace editor access

A workspace viewer can request workspace editor access at any time from within the workspace.

This guide will share how the request process works, along with steps on how to customize the request message to support your own internal access approval process.

Requesting workspace editor access

When a workspace viewer attempts to create a new file from within a workspace section or from the left side panel, they will see the option to request an upgrade to editor.

To upgrade, click on the green button and then Send request from the pop-up modal.

This request is then sent to the workspace admin/s to review and approve.

Please note that we charge per editor in a workspace. You can read more about how billing works here.

Approving an editor upgrade request

All workspace admins will be sent an editor upgrade request when it’s submitted.

An email notification will be sent for approval. There are two steps to the approval process.

When you click the purple Approve button in the email notification, you will be taken to the app. You then need to Confirm this approval in the app.

Customizing the editor upgrade message

Some organizations may already have an existing process for requesting access to applications (e.g. an IT ticketing system).

This feature is only available to workspaces on one of our paid plans.

As a workspace admin, you can provide custom instructions and a link to direct workspace viewers to the right place to request access.

To do this, go to Workspace settings, and scroll down to the Upgrade requests.

Select Provide custom upgrade instructions and then click the View & edit button.

There are three parts you need to add custom instructions to:

  1. The footer text field, with the details of your custom instructions for gaining upgraded editor access.
  2. The button text field, with the action the viewer needs to take.
  3. The button link field, with the link that a viewer will be redirected to continue their editor upgrade request. Links can use the https, http, or mailto protocol.

Once you are happy with your custom instructions, hit the purple Save button, and new editor requests will see this message going forward.

Please note all three fields need to be completed for the custom instructions to save correctly.

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