Getting started with sequence diagrams

A sequence diagram is a type of UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagram that shows the interactions between various components or objects in a system. It provides a visual representation of the order of messages or events over time.

How to create a sequence diagram

There are 4 ways you can create a sequence diagram in Whimsical:

  1. Via diagram shapes: Click Diagram shapes (keyboard shortcut S ) at the top of the toolbar and select the Sequence diagram actor object.

  1. Via All tools: Use the All tools menu (➕ icon or keyboard shortcut / ) from the toolbar to search for the “Sequence diagram actor” object.

  1. Via Whimsical AI: Use the AI feature from the toolbar ( ✨ icon or keyboard shortcut Cmd + . (Mac) or Ctrl + . (PC)). Once the AI modal pops up, switch to the Sequence diagram tab and enter your prompt.

  1. Via Mermaid: Paste your Mermaid code directly onto a Whimsical board to create a sequence diagram.


  • Click and drag on the vertical line of a Sequence diagram actor to add a message between objects.

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