Setting up SCIM with JumpCloud

  1. In your Whimsical account, go to Workspace settings, which you'll find under your workspace name in the top left:

  1. Locate the option to enable SCIM provisioning. With SCIM provisioning enabled, click REVEAL to retrieve an OAuth token.

  1. In JumpCloud, go to the settings for your existing Whimsical app and select Identity Management

  1. Set the Base URL to exactly .
  2. Paste the copied OAuth token from your Whimsical account into the Token Key field.
  3. Enter a test user email for a user that does not yet exist in your Whimsical workspace e.g. , then click the Test Connection button.

This user will be briefly added and then immediately removed by JumpCloud to test that SCIM is working correctly. This won't result in any additional costs to your Whimsical subscription.

  1. Once you have successfully tested the connection, scroll down to “Group Management" and toggle the “Enable management of User Groups and Group Membership in this application” setting off.
  2. Click save.

  1. 🎉 Now you can add users to Whimsical via JumpCloud groups.
  • You can manually update user member roles directly in Whimsical from the workspace Members settings page.
  • JumpCloud does not currently support custom SCIM attributes, so the default user role in Whimsical is editor. However, you can add a feature request for custom SCIM attributes with JumpCloud by clicking Submit an Idea (make sure you're logged in) and sending a message like this:

We would like to be able to control whether a user is a paid editor or free viewer in Whimsical by using custom SCIM attributes. Reference case number 00211576.

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