How to draw a line

In a Whimsical board, there are currently three ways to draw a line:

  1. Using a connector
  2. Using a line
  3. Using the freehand drawing tool

This guide will show you how to use each method.

Drawing a line with a connector

The connector feature is the most common way to draw a line to connect different objects on the canvas. You can also use this to draw a line that doesn’t connect to anything.

If you need a curved line, select the straight connector, and then pick your points along the line to drag for a curved shape.

You can read more about connectors here.

Using the line element

A line is an element gives you a straight line on the canvas to help you easily create separation between different parts in a frame and organize your content clearly.

To add a line, open the Diagram shapes (S) > Line or use the L keyboard shortcut.

Alternatively, open Wireframe mode (W) > Elements > Line or use the D or L keyboard shortcut when you have the wireframe mode enabled.

You can change the color of a line and have a full or dashed line style. You can use this for a straight line anywhere on the canvas.

Please note that the line element cannot be curved, it is only straight. Use a connector if you need a curved line.

The keyboard shortcut L to add a line does not work in the Card mode.

Drawing a line with the freehand drawing tool

Under the pencil icon in the toolbar you’ll have the freedom to draw any line on the canvas you wish. If you enable Detect Shapes straight lines will be detected and any wobbles will be straightened out like magic!

Check out this guide to learn more about the freehand drawing tool.

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