Mentions in Whimsical files

Whimsical offers two types of mentions to help you communicate and collaborate with your team.

Comment mentions

  • Used in comments and discussions.
  • Perfect for discussions and when you need input from other teammates.
  • Teammates will receive a notification when mentioned in comments and discussions.

In-line mentions

  • Used inside docs and boards.
  • Perfect for referencing who's involved in a project or a task especially when no response or input is needed.
  • Referenced teammates will not get notified when mentioned in-line.

File mentions

  • Used in docs, boards, comments, and discussions.
  • Automatically converts pasted or linked Whimsical links into file mentions.
  • Hovering over the file mention will show a thumbnail preview of its content.

How to add mentions

  • To add an in-line or comment mentions, type @ followed by the name or email of the workspace member or guest.
  • To add file mentions, type @ followed by the name of the file, or simply paste the Whimsical file link.
  • Currently, it’s not possible to mention entire teams, just individual workspace members. Comment mentions also allow you to mention guests, however, you can't add guests to in-line mentions.
  • For comment mentions, if the workspace member you want to mention doesn't appear in the list, they likely don't have access to the file. Read more about how to adjust your file sharing settings.
  • In contrast, when you want to reference a workspace member in-line, you can do so regardless of their access to the specific file. However, please note that you cannot mention guests in-line.
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