Prevent new workspace creation

Customers on our Org plan have the ability to secure and consolidate company data by preventing new workspace creation on their domain. This ensures that individuals with the same domain cannot create separate workspaces or transfer content out of the claimed workspace and that the organization can retain files created by individuals after they are removed from the company-owned workspace.


  • Preventing new workspace creation is only available on our Org plan
  • Only workspace admins can enable or disable this feature
  • A verified email address is required to use this feature

How to block new workspace creation

To lock your domain and block new workspace creation, you’ll first have to turn on workspace discovery for your domain in your workspace settings page under "Domain management". This will allow people with matching email domains to automatically join your workspace.

With workspace discovery activated, toggle on the “Prevent new workspace creation” switch to lock your domain and stop the creation of new workspaces under it.

Once the toggle is on, new users who sign up with an email address associated with the locked domain will be routed to join your workspace and will not be able to create standalone workspaces associated with the domain.

Existing Whimsical accounts with the same domain created before preventing new workspace creation will not be affected. They will not be automatically added to your workspace, and their data will not be automatically transferred to the organization's workspace. However, they will receive a popup notification within Whimsical, inviting them to join your workspace.

Tip: To further secure your content and prevent external users from accessing files created in your workspace, you can also disable public content sharing in the “Public link access” settings:


What does preventing new workspace creation mean?

This feature offers several benefits, including:

  • Preventing users within your domain from creating separate workspaces.
  • Automatically adding newly registered and verified users to your workspace.
  • Retaining ownership of data stored in the workspace after a member is removed.
  • Securing content by preventing it from being moved or copied away from the workspace.

How do I verify an email address?

To verify an email address:

  1. Go to your Account Settings
  2. In the "Email" section, click Add Email and enter your email address
  3. Check your email for a verification email from Whimsical
  4. Click the Verify button in the email

Can I use this feature with multiple domains?

Yes, you can lock multiple domains as long as you have verified an email address associated with each domain you want to lock.

Can I use this feature with a subdomain?

Yes, as long as you have verified an email address associated with the subdomain you want to lock.

Can I use this feature if I’m using SAML SSO?

Yes, blocking new workspace creation is available to all Org plan customers, including those who have enabled SAML SSO.

Can I add new workspace members that aren't associated with the locked domain?

Yes, you can still invite people outside your domain to join your workspace. If SAML SSO is the only authentication method in your workspace, you'll need to add them to your SAML SSO first.

Can I invite external guests to a locked workspace?

Yes, you can invite people outside your domain to join your workspace as guests.

Can I join a workspace as a guest if my email address is associated with a locked domain?

Yes, you can still be invited and join another workspace as a guest, even if your email is part of a locked domain.

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