Whimsical AI Diagrams for ChatGPT

The Whimsical AI Diagrams Plugin for ChatGPT will help you to visualize your ideas by generating diagrams in response to a prompt. These diagrams currently support, flowchart, mind map and sequence diagram creation.

You can also use AI Diagrams GPT, which offers all the same features as the plugin.

Install the plugin

Before you can install the plugin, you first need to enable Plugins within ChatGPT.

Click on your avatar in the bottom left corner and go to Settings & Beta > Beta features and then toggle on Plugins.

You’ll then be able to enable Plugins from the top-left dropdown menu:

Lastly, click No plugins enabled > Plugin store and install the "AI Diagrams" plugin.

Generate a diagram

Once the Whimsical AI Diagrams plugin is installed, select it from the dropdown list to enable it before you write your prompt.

You can then write your prompt in the message field, and the Whimsical AI Diagrams plugin will return a diagram, mind map or sequence diagram in response to your prompt.

Here are some example prompts you can try out:

  • How to log a bug report
  • Stripe payment flow
  • Slack app authentication flow

If you want to make edits to the generated diagram, you will be prompted to open it inside Whimsical, where you can continue working on the file.

If you wish to learn more about the AI features directly within Whimsical, take a look at this article to get started.   

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