Embedding & integrating boards with Jira Issues

With our Jira integration, simply paste a link to attach your Whimsical board to a Jira issue, and easily contextualize your tasks by having your Whimsical content embedded and accessible right within the issue.

This guide walks you through the install and set-up.

This feature only works in Jira for Cloud deployments. The feature also only works in Jira Issues currently and not within Confluence or other Atlassian products.

How to install Jira for your workspace

Head along to the Atlassian Marketplace to install the Whimsical integration for Jira Cloud. Only one Whimsical workspace user needs to do this. The Whimsical app will then be available for your whole workspace to use in Jira.

Once this has been installed, each user will need to individually authorize the integration for their own account. This requires 2 steps:

  1. Allow the Whimsical app access to your Atlassian account
  2. Configure access to your Whimsical workspace

First, open an issue in Jira and click on the Whimsical app to add it to your issue.

Once added, you’ll need to click the Allow access button to allow the Whimsical app access to your Atlassian account, like this:

After access is approved, you’ll see the option to add a Whimsical link to your Jira issue.

The first time you add a link, you will need to approve your access to your Whimsical workspace. Click the Configure access button and follow the steps below:

Your Whimsical board will then show inside your Jira issue!

You will be able to zoom into and pan around the embedded board directly.

If you need to edit or comment on the board, you can open the board in Whimsicalby clicking the three dots in the right top corner of the embedded file > Open in Whimsical:

Under the three dot menu, you can Update the board, which will refresh the embed to show the latest content. You can also Remove the embedded file from the issue.

It’s possible to embed multiple Whimsical boards into a single Jira issue. Just hit the +Add button next to the Whimsical integration:


This integration only supports embedding Whimsical boards, not docs.

The most recently added board will display at the top. If you wish to re-order the Whimsical boards, you need to remove them and re-add them in the order you need.

Removing the integration

To remove the Whimsical integration from showing in your Jira issues, simply click on the three dots above the +Add button for the integration and click Remove:

You can always add this back to your Jira issues by clicking on the Whimsical app at the top of any Jira issue.

If you wish to remove your individual access to the Whimsical integration from your own Atlassian account, you can do this under Manage account > Connected apps > Whimsical > Remove access > Remove:

If you wish to uninstall the integration completely, you can do this for your whole team under Apps > Manage your apps > Whimsical > Uninstall:

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