How to add emojis

Whimsical supports emojis and an extensive icon library. Emojis and icons can help you create more engaging content, better convey ideas, highlight key points, and make it easier for everyone to follow along.


To add an emoji to your boards and docs, type : followed by the name of the emoji you want to add.

Here are some examples of emoji shortcuts you can use in your workspace:

  • 📅 Use :calendar: to mark dates and deadlines
  • ✅ Use :white_check_mark: to indicate completed tasks or approvals
  • 💡 Use :bulb: to note a new idea or suggestion
  • 📈 Use :chart_with_upwards_trend: to represent growth or positive trends

The default skin tone for emojis is yellow. To change the default skin tone, go to your Account settings > Emoji skin tone.


We have an extensive icon library within Whimsical. These icons come from our friends at Nucleo, and we also offer cloud architecture icons from AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Icons can be used to organize your files and folders or to add some character to your board. They come in three color styles, and you can search for them in the icon picker like this:

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