Working with connectors

Connectors are a key part of working on Whimsical boards. And like many things in Whimsical, there is more to connectors than meets the eye.

Let’s dive in!

Connector End Points

You can choose from four different types of endpoints or none. You can also customise each end of the connector independently.

Connectors can either have elbows or curves - it’s up to you! Use this icon to control how the connector bends.

You can have different settings for each connector on a board. 


Move mode lets you move the connectors without changing their shape. Make sure that move mode is off before trying to reshape your connector!

Connecting to shapes

A connector can connect to any item on a Whimsical board. Watch out for the purple box around an item. Release the mouse when it appears, and your connector will be attached.

Connector Text

When you first draw a connector, you will get the option to add text. Double-click to edit the text later.  And the really cool thing is that if you click on your text, you can move it along until you get it in the right place.


You can change the colour of your connectors, and you can also change the colour of the text in a connector. Just double-click the text to access the colour options.

Moving Connectors

To move a connector as a single entity, make sure that move mode is on!

Navigating Along a Connector

And last but not least, a little-known connector feature lets you jump from one end of a connector to the other...
Press CTRL or CMD and click on one end of a connector. You should be taken to the other end!

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