Integrating Whimsical with Google Docs

With our Google Docs integration, you can create new Whimsical files directly in your Google Doc.

You can also turn Whimsical links into smart chips that allow you to view a preview of your file in a card in your Google Doc.

This integration helps you to more seamlessly connect your content and build richer documents.

Note: Previews are only available for boards or Whimsical docs, not specific objects within a file. If you need further functionality for your workflow, we’d love to hear about it at

Setting up the integration

Install the Whimsical integration for Google Docs directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

You will be prompted to allow Whimsical permission to connect with your Google Workspace account:

Note: If you are a Google Workspace admin, you will see the option to enable this for your whole workspace under Admin Install. After installing, the Whimsical add-on will be added to the sidebar in Google Docs for everyone in your Google workspace.

After the Whimsical integration for Google Docs is installed, you will be prompted to connect your Whimsical account and workspace. This happens the first time you use the @ Create Whimsical File command or when you add a link to a Whimsical file inside your Google Doc.

Once your Whimsical account is connected to the integration, you’ll be good to go!

Creating a new Whimsical file in a Google Doc

With the app installed, you can create a new board or Whimsical doc directly in your Google Doc.

To do this, use the @ key to bring up the search menu. Then start to type Create Whimsical file. You will see this option appear under the Integrations list.

Once you select the Create Whimsical file integration, you will need to:

  • Add a title for the new file
  • Select the type of file you wish to create
  • Select which folder in Whimsical the new file should be located

Then hit the Create button and a smart chip will be created, offering a preview card and link to your new Whimsical file.

Creating smart chip previews with Whimsical links

With the app installed, when you paste a link to a Whimsical file in a Google Doc, you’ll be prompted to convert the link to a smart chip. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the Share icon in the top right to get a shareable link for your Whimsical file.
  1. Paste your Whimsical link into your Google Doc. When you see the smart chip suggestion message, click it or use the Tab key to convert the link to a smart chip.

You can hover over the smart chip to see a preview of the file in a card.

Tip: Click the title in the preview to open the linked file in Whimsical, or click the double paper icon (top right of preview) for easy access to copy the link of your Whimsical file.

To remove a smart chip from your Google Doc, simply hit the delete key like you would to delete any text.

If you wish to retain the Whimsical link within your Google Doc in a different format, you can copy the link before deleting the smart chip. Hover on the smart chip > click the Copy link icon at the top-right corner of the chip.

Uninstalling the app

To remove the connection between Google Docs and Whimsical, go to the Google Workspace Marketplace listing and hit the uninstall button.

You can also find this if you open the Whimsical app in the Google Docs sidebar and hit the three dots next to the app name.

You will be taken to the Marketplace listing, where you’ll see the option to uninstall Whimsical.

Configure the app in Whimsical

If you want to remove or add access to a specific Whimsical workspace or Whimsical-associated email, visit your account settings.

Here, scroll down to the Integrations section. Under the Google Docs connection, click on the three dots next to the details you want to update. You’ll see a drop-down with the option to connect another workspace or uninstall the integration. 

Note: Removing access for your account settings does not uninstall the Whimsical add-on from your connected Google Workspace but will remove the authorization, so file previews will not update or be able to be added moving forward.

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