Linking to sections and objects

In addition to sharing links to files, Whimsical lets you share links to specific objects and blocks. Here's how!

Sharing a Link to a Specific Object

To share a link to a specific object, you can either right-click on the object or use the three dots on the horizontal context menu. Then pick “Copy link to object”.
The link goes with the object, so even if the object changes position on the board, the link will go to the right place.

Sharing a Link to a Specific Section

Sharing a link to a specific section on a board is similar to sharing a link to an object above.
This time, you select the section before you copy the link.

Sharing a Link to a Block in a Doc

When you are in your doc, hover over the block you want to link to and right-click.
Choose “ Copy Link to Block”. When you share it, the person who clicks it will land in exactly the right place!

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