Previewing Whimsical content in Slack

With the Whimsical integration for Slack, you can unfurl your Whimsical links and see rich previews of files, cards, folders, projects, and comments shared in your team’s Slack channels. This makes it easier to convey key information right in Slack. 

Installing the app

To add the Whimsical integration for Slack and see a preview of your Whimsical content in Slack just by sharing a link, you can:

  1. Go to “Manage Integrations”, which you'll find under your Whimsical workspace name in the top left, then click “Install” under the app for Slack:

Then allow Whimsical permission to connect with your Slack workspace:

Note: You must have permission (in Slack) to install new apps. If you don’t, check with an admin in your Slack workspace.

Important: Any files viewable by members of your Whimsical workspace will be previewed when shared in Slack. This means some of the content may be visible to people who are not in your Whimsical workspace, if they are in your Slack workspace.

How does it work?

With the app installed, when you paste a link to a Whimsical file, folder, comment or card you’ll see an image preview of the contents:

Tip: Click the image or the link itself to open the file in Whimsical.


If you share a Whimsical link in Slack and don’t see a preview, it may be an unsupported type of link, a private file, or a file from an unconnected workspace. 

If you or someone in your workspace has previously blocked previews for in Slack, you will need to remove the block. Slack admins are able to do this from Slack Settings > Attachments:

Uninstalling the app

To remove the Whimsical integration for Slack from your Slack workspace, open it in the Slack App Directory. Then, scroll down on the configuration tab, and click "Remove App":

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