Embedding & integrating boards in Notion

With our Notion connection (integration) just paste a link to any board, authorize Notion to access your workspace, and it can be automatically displayed as a preview or mention. Or simply as a link 😉.

Read on for a step-by-step guide.

Embedding files in Notion

First, copy the URL of your whimsical file from the address bar:

Then paste it into a Notion page and choose if you’d like to display the file, as a preview or a mention:

If you’ve already used the Whimsical connection, that’s it! Your file will be embedded automatically. If you haven’t used it yet, you’ll just need to allow Notion to access your Whimsical files first. 👌

Click “Connect to Whimsical to update” on the right. In the new window that opens, click “Allow”:


If you need to give Notion access to a different workspace, you can select it from the dropdown here:

You’ll see the board embedded as a preview, and you can expand it to full screen with the “Expand” button in the top right corner.

Once you’ve allowed Notion to access your Whimsical workspace, any board link you paste in the future can be displayed in this way. 👍


Any board you embed this way can be viewed by anyone with access to that page in Notion. This includes people who aren’t a member of your Whimsical workspace or do not have permission to view the file in Whimsical.

Removing an embedded file

To remove a Whimsical preview from Notion, click the “handle” (six dots) on the top left, and select “Delete” from the menu, or press the delete key on your keyboard:


  • You don't need to paste an embed link, just a regular link to the file will work fine. 👌
  • All Whimsical embeds are view-only, to edit the file you'll need to open it in Whimsical.
  • Embeds can also be viewed in the Notion desktop and mobile apps.
  • Embedding Whimsical docs isn’t currently supported, only boards, wireframes, and projects may be embedded.
  • Only editors or admins can authorize Notion to access files in your Whimsical workspace.

Removing the integration

There are two ways to remove the connection between Notion and Whimsical.

From Notion

Go to “Settings & members” in the left hand menu. Under “My connections”, hover over the Whimsical connection and click “Disconnect account”:


If you have connected multiple Whimsical workspaces with Notion, this method will disconnect all of them.

From Whimsical

Go to "Account Settings", which you'll find under your avatar in the top right:

Then, scroll down to “Your Integrations”, hover over the three dots icon next to your workspace, and click “Uninstall Integration”:


If you have connected multiple workspaces to Notion, you can remove access to them individually here.

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