How to create a new workspace

If you haven’t yet signed up for Whimsical, follow this link to sign up. You’ll be taken through the workspace creation process automatically. 👌

If you have an existing account, but would like to create a new workspace, follow these steps.

Open the workspace menu in the top left corner (under your workspace name). Click “+ Create New Workspace” at the bottom of the menu:

Note: If you‘re a member of many workspaces, you may need to scroll down within the menu to see this option.

Now, choose a name for your workspace. This name will be visible to anyone you share files with, or invite to the workspace:

Next, choose the email address you’d like to use as the default for this workspace (where you will receive email notifications). Alternatively, you can add a new email address for use with this workspace:

Tip: If you’re creating a workspace for personal use, it’s a good idea to use your personal email address. If you ever lose access to your work email (e.g. when starting a new job), you’ll still have access to your personal Whimsical workspace.

At this point you can invite other editors to your workspace. Either enter their email addresses, or click “get an invite link to share” which will give you a copy-able link to send directly to your team:

This step is totally optional, and you can always invite new members at a later date or enable workspace discovery for people from your company to join automatically.

And that’s it, you’ve just created a fresh new workspace. Have fun with it!

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