Using sections on the Whimsical canvas

Sections are a great way to arrange your content in clear areas while keeping related information in the same file. Like this example, with distinct groups of task lists for everyone in wonderland:

But did you know you can also use them to make presentations, streamline your searches, and add extra context when moving cards between stacks? Read on to find out how.

How to add a section

From a Whimsical board, project or wireframe, you can add a section in three* ways:

  • Add a section from the canvas menu:
  • Hit the period key on your keyboard “.”
  • Select existing items you want to wrap in a section, then right click, or open the three dots menu and choose “Create section”:

*There’s a fourth way too, which you’ll find in this article about presenting in Whimsical. 😉

Customizing sections

Once you’ve added a section you’ll find a few ways to make it look just right.

Firstly, give your section a name:

Then, choose to give your section a full color-filled background, or keep the default which is a simple outline:

Note: Sections use a less saturated version of the colors in your theme, so the rest of your content stands out nice and clear.

Finally, choose to let content extend beyond the edges of the section, or have it clipped:

Using sections

With projects

With project stacks inside named sections, you’ll have more context as you move cards between stacks. For example, on this card you can see the section labels ("Red queen” & “Alice”) below the stack titles (“To do” & “In Progress”):

A similar pattern can be seen when searching your content. For example, you can see the section that each of these “To do” stacks is in:

As presentations

Show off your work by presenting it directly from Whimsical. Each section you create becomes a slide. Read this article to learn all about presenting in Whimsical.

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