Presenting in Whimsical

So you’ve created the perfect flowchart, mapped out your ideas, and got those wireframes looking pixel-perfect. It’s time to turn your pitches, plans, reports, and designs into a presentation.

Creating a Presentation

To prepare your content for a presentation, click this button:

Each slide in your presentation is made up of the content inside a section or a frame.

Any sections or wireframe frames you’ve already created will appear in the list here. Or if you haven’t yet added sections, create one with either of these buttons:

Or, select the content you’d like to be shown in a slide and choose “Create Section” from the three dots menu:


  • It’s a good idea to name your sections as you create them, so you can easily arrange the flow of your presentation.
  • If a section has a background color, it will be used when presenting. If you choose just an outline instead, the standard canvas color will be used as a background.
  • Sections can exist inside other sections, so you can use the same content but zoom in on a tighter view.

Any objects that extend past the edge of the section will be clipped when presenting. Like step 4 in this example:

To rename a section, you can edit it directly on the section itself or click the three dots menu and choose “rename”

To change the order your sections will be presented in, select and drag them in the list:

To skip a section when presenting, click on the three dots menu and choose skip:

With everything lined up, now you’re ready to present! 👇


To begin your presentation, click “Present”:

You’ll automatically enter fullscreen mode, but you can toggle that on or off with the button in the bottom right corner:

To navigate between your slides, use these buttons or the arrow keys:

To end the presentation, hit Esc on your keyboard or click the X in the top right corner:


  • Can I export my presentation to PowerPoint? - No, but you can export each section as an image and add it to your presentation. Please check available export options here: Exporting content from Whimsical
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