Workspace discovery settings

To make the most of Whimsical’s collaboration features, you can allow your coworkers from the same domain to join your workspace on their own - without them having to ask you to be invited.

Workspace discovery is based on the domain assigned to the workspace. If you enable workspace discovery, anybody with a matching, verified email address (e.g., will be able to join your workspace (e.g.,

Enable workspace discovery

To enable workspace discovery in your workspace, go to Workspace settings, which you'll find under your workspace name on the top left:

Under "Domain management", you’ll see a list of domains based on the email addresses you have associated with your workspace. To allow other Whimsical users with a matching email domain to automatically join your workspace, simply toggle on the "Automatically join workspace" switch.

If you wish to send an email to all existing Whimsical users with a matching email address who are not yet a part of this workspace, click the paper plane icon next to the toggle. 

By default, new members will join as editors, but you can choose to have them join as viewers instead:

  • If your organization has multiple workspaces associated with the same domain, only one workspace can enable workspace discovery.
  • When workspace discovery is enabled, Whimsical users with a verified email address from a matching domain will see a pop-up message that allows them to join your workspace. 
  • Only workspace admins can enable and disable workspace discovery.
  • Other Whimsical users can only join your workspace if they sign up with and verify an email address from the domain you’ve linked.
  • It’s not possible to link domains from common email providers (e.g., or educational domains (e.g.,
  • Workspace admins will receive an email notification when somebody new joins a workspace. 

Join your organization's workspace

With an existing Whimsical account

If you want to join your organization’s workspace, go to Account Settings, which you'll find under your avatar in the top right corner of the screen. If there are any workspaces linked to your email domain, you’ll see an option to join them in the “Workspaces” list. 

Clicking Join Workspace will immediately add you to the workspace, and all workspace admins will be notified by email. Your existing files and folders will remain in their original workspaces, but you can always move or copy them over to your organization's workspace to collaborate with others. 

When you sign up for Whimsical

After signing up for Whimsical and verifying your email, if there's a workspace with enabled workspace discovery that matches your email domain, you'll have the option to join this workspace instantly without any additional steps.

If your domain hasn't been claimed by another workspace, you'll have two options:

  1. You can create a new workspace and enable workspace discovery for it, allowing others with the same domain to automatically join in. To do this, check the "Allow anyone from domain.extension to join without an invite".
  2. You can create a standalone workspace that won't be discoverable by others, offering a more private and isolated environment. In this case, leave the "Allow anyone from domain.extension to join without an invite" unchecked. 

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