Using the timer in Boards

When collaborating on a board, you’ll often want to set a time limit for certain activities, like brainstorming or voting.

To start a timer (which is visible for everyone viewing the board) click the "Add" menu (or type "/") then select "Timer":

Then select how long the timer should last. There are 5 presets to choose from, or you can enter a custom time up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds:

Once the timer has started it will be in the top right corner of the canvas. From here you can easily pause, or add additional time to the timer:


Any editor on the board will be able to modify, stop, or restart the timer.

With 10 seconds left on the timer an audible countdown will chime for each second, with a final sound at the end.

Collapse or mute the timer with these buttons:


The size of the timer (collapsed or expanded) and its mute setting are unique to you and won’t affect any others viewing the board.

These settings are remembered so if you mute or collapse a timer, the next timer you start will also be muted or collapsed accordingly

To close the timer completely, it must be stopped first. Then, simply click the “X” icon:


The Timer is not available on the Starter Plan. It is available when you upgrade to Pro.

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