How to upgrade your workspace

Whimsical's free plan gives you a limited starter amount of items per workspace, in up to 2 free workspaces.

If you need more items, you’ll need to upgrade to one of our paid plans. 👌

Go to “Upgrade” under your workspace name in the top left corner:

Then, choose to pay monthly or yearly.

  • A monthly subscription costs $12 per month for each editor.
  • Or, you can get two months free with a yearly subscription, which costs $120 per year for each editor. All subscriptions include unlimited free viewers. Learn more about member roles in this article.

If you need any of the following features, the Organization plan might be a better fit:

  • SCIM
  • Custom terms - Security reviews
  • Flexible payment options
  • Teams
  • Bulk discounts
  • Active user tracking
  • Priority support
  • Uptime SLA

Get in touch to find out more about the Organization plan.


After upgrading, you can add or remove editors at any time and your account will be charged or credited accordingly.👌

Read this article to learn more about how proration works.

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