Annotating files for more detail

Add annotations to wireframes and other boards, to share important information with your team.

What is an annotation?

An annotation is a wireframe element which lets you point to a specific part of a board and describe it in more detail with a clear block of text. Perfect for explaining non-visual elements of a wireframe (like interactions), or adding more context.

Tip: Annotations can be added to any board by switching modes.

You can customize an annotation’s colour and icon or number them automatically.

How to add an annotation

To add an annotation, pick the Wireframe option or hit W on your keyboard, then choose Annotation or hit A

Drag the arrow to connect your annotation to the item it relates to. Optionally, change the colour or choose an icon:

Tip: Use different colors to represent different states or types of annotation. E.g. yellow for “warning”.

If you’d rather your annotations be numbered in sequence, choose this option:

Note: The numbers will increment automatically as new annotations are added. To adjust the order of the numbers, you’ll need to switch numbering off, then back on in the new sequence.

For more customized numbering (like repeated or skipped numbers), switch numbering off and select a number icon:

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