Using tables in Whimsical Docs

To add a table to a Whimsical doc: 

  • go to the start of a new paragraph and type /table
  • or use the block handle to open the menu and scroll down to Table

Adding rows and columns

To add rows or columns:

  • Click the plus icon (+) that appears on the sides of the table
  • To add one or multiple rows or columns, drag the plus icon (+)

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Enter (Mac) or Ctrl + Enter (PC) to add a row below when the adjacent row is selected
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Option + Enter (Mac) or Ctrl + Alt + Enter (PC) to add a column to the right when the adjacent column is selected

Removing rows and columns

To remove a row or column:

  • Select it using the handle at the top or the right, then click Remove row or Remove column from the toolbar:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Delete (Mac) or Ctrl + Delete (PC) to delete a row, or
  • Cmd + Shift + Delete (Mac) or Ctrl + Alt + Delete(PC) to delete a column
  • To add one or multiple rows or columns, drag the plus icon (+)

Organising rows and columns

You can organise your rows and columns by dragging and dropping them using the handles on the top or the right.

You can also sort the contents in ascending or descending order using the icon in the toolbar:

Formatting the table

When you have the table, column, row or cell selected, the toolbar will show all the formatting options. They include:

  • Background colour
  • Adding or removing a header row
  • Choosing the table style
  • Adding or removing rows and columns

Tip: Whimsical table cells support rich content. Try pasting in an image, or using @ to mention a Whimsical file.

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