Getting started with Wireframes

Here's a quick start guide to help you get the most out of Whimsical Wireframes.

Building the Wireframe

First of all, ensure you're working in Wireframe mode, then you can get started!

To create a frame:

  • Use the Add Frame option by selecting it from the toolbar. You can choose from a variety of devices, or a simple rectangle frame.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut F

To create an element:

  • Use the Add Element option by selecting it from the toolbar
  • Use the keyboard shortcut E

Then it's time to have fun and let your ideas loose!

Wireframe Options

Most frames and elements have their own options in the contextual toolbar that appears when you select them. Our best suggestion is to go exploring and see what features you find!

For example:

  • Switching the status bar and keyboard on and off on a phone.
  • Changing the state of a button.
  • Adding and editing menu options and tabs.
  • Adding some "Lorem ipsum" placeholder text.

Pro tip: Check out this template for a quick look at all the frames and elements.

Wondering why the Wireframe colours are toned down? It's intentional 😉

Next up! Getting Started with Docs

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