Getting started with mind maps

Here's a quick start guide to help you get the most out of Whimsical mind maps.

Building a mind map

First, create a new Board, or switch to Board mode, then there are a few ways to make your first node:

  • Click or drag a mind map out from the toolbar
  • Use the keyboard shortcut M

Then it's time to have fun and let your ideas loose!

To make a new sibling node you can click on the icons, or just hit Enter. To make a child node, use Tab. Drag and drop the nodes to rearrange them:

Customize your mind map

There are many options in the toolbar, including:

  • Curved or straight lines
  • Adding formatting text to Bold or Italic
  • The orientation of the mind map
  • Adding a link
  • Adding icons - to the main node and child nodes
  • Changing line colour
  • AI-assisted mind mapping
  • and more!

Import and export

Need to just copy and paste? We have a quick way to import and export mind maps!

Just copy a list from somewhere else then select a mind map's starting node and paste with command (or ctrl) + V:

Or to export, select the main node and copy then paste* it somewhere else. 

*Paste special is the key! "Command + Shift + V" or "Ctrl + Shift + V"

Examples and Templates

Head on over here for some sweet examples and templates you can use - Community Templates

Next up! Getting Started with Projects

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