Getting started with Mind Maps

Here's a quick start guide to help you get the most out of Whimsical Mind Maps.

Building the Mind Map

Once you are in Mind Map mode, you can get started!

There are a few ways to make your first node:

  • Double click on the canvas
  • Use the Add Mind Map option by selecting it from the toolbar
  • Use the keyboard shortcut M

Then it's time to have fun and let your ideas loose!

To make a new node you can click on the icons, or just hit Enter. To make a child node, use Tab. Drag and drop the nodes to rearrange them - or check out the handy keyboard shortcuts below.

Customise your Mind Map

There are some really cool options in the toolbar including:

  • Curvy or straight lines
  • Adding formatting text to Bold or Italic
  • The orientation of the Mind Map
  • Adding a link
  • Adding icons - to the main node and child nodes
  • Changing line colour
  • and more!

Import and export

Need to just copy and paste? We have a quick way to import and export Mind Maps!

Just copy a list from somewhere else and paste it whilst you are in Mind Map mode. Or select the main node and copy, then paste* it somewhere else. Like this!

*Paste special is the key! Shift CMD V or Shift Ctrl V

Examples and Templates

Head on over here for some sweet examples and templates you can use - Community Templates

Next up! Getting Started with Sticky Notes

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