Getting started with flowcharts

Here's a quick start guide to help you get the most out of Whimsical flowcharts.

Making a flowchart

First, create a new Board or switch to Board mode, then there are a few ways to make your first shape:

  • Click or drag a shape out from the toolbar
  • Use the keyboard shortcut S

Tip: Check out this template to learn about some of the uses for different flowchart shapes.

Fun flowchart features

There are many ways to style your flowchart shapes, which you'll find in the toolbar including:

  • Changing the colour and the shape of an element
  • Changing outlines
  • Adding transparency

It's easy to edit the text as well:

  • Increase and decrease font size
  • Change the text position
  • Apply bold or italic styles

Use the quick connectors to build a Flowchart fast or try Option (or Alt) + Arrow keys to supercharge the process.

Tip: Find other keyboard shortcuts in this article.

Spice things up! You can add icons and images to your Flowcharts as well...

Examples and Templates

Head on over here for some sweet examples and templates you can use - Community Templates

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