Embedding files in Notion

Need to embed a Whimsical file into a Notion page? Read on to find out how 👇

Open a page in Notion and use the embed option by typing "/embed whimsical", then paste in a shareable link to your board or doc:  

If you're unsure how to find a shareable link, check out this article. 👍

And that's it! Your board will appear automatically. 


  • You don't need to paste an embed link, just the regular shareable link will work fine. 👌
  • In the Notion web app, you can see embedded boards set to public AND boards which require you to log in (assuming you are logged in).
  • All Whimsical embeds are view-only, to edit the file you'll need to open it in Whimsical.
  • If you are logged in to Whimsical, and a board is not showing in the Notion web app, you may need to check your browser privacy settings. Some enhanced privacy settings prevent a login cookie being set. In Safari & Firefox, you will need to disable "Prevent cross-site tracking".
  • In the Notion desktop and mobile apps, it is only possible to view embedded boards if they are set to public. You do that by setting your Whimsical board to "Anyone with the link can view". — It is not possible to view boards which require you to be logged into Whimsical.

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