Importing content to Whimsical

We don't currently have any direct importers, but there are a couple of ways you can bring content into Whimsical:

  • You can upload an image of content you have created elsewhere. (And even use it as a guide, by building on top of it 😉)
  • You can import text directly into boards as mind maps or into projects. Check it out 👇

Text Import for mind maps and projects

To automatically turn text into a mind map or a stack of cards, copy the text and paste it into Whimsical. Make sure you've selected the correct file type (board for mind maps or project for a stack of cards).

For a mind map:

  • Copy a list from a notepad, or even a Whimsical doc.
  • Select the main node of a mind map.
  • Press ESC or click out of the text input. Select that main node and hit paste!
  • Reverse the steps to export a mind map as a list.

The same process works for importing a  project:

  • Copy a list, or a set of cells. 
  • Make sure you are in project mode.
  • Click the canvas and paste to get a line of notes. 
  • Or, add a stack using and select the stack before pasting to add the notes to it

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