Importing to Whimsical

We don't currently have any direct importers, but there are a couple of ways you can bring content into Whimsical:

  • You can upload an image of content you have created elsewhere. We support JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, WEBP, SVG file formats. 
  • You can import text directly into boards as mind maps or stacks of cards.
  • You can paste Mermaid code directly into boards as flowcharts or sequence diagrams.

Text import for mind maps and stacks of cards

To automatically turn text into a mind map or a stack of cards, copy the text and paste it into Whimsical. 

For a mind map:

  1. Copy a list from a notepad, or even a Whimsical doc
  2. Select the main node of a mind map and hit paste

The same process works for stacks of cards:

  1. Make sure you've selected the card mode first
  2. Copy a list, or a set of cells
  3. Click the canvas and paste to get a line of notes
  4. Or, add a stack using and select the stack before pasting to add the notes to it

Paste Mermaid code as a flowchart or sequence diagram

You can paste Mermaid code to Whimsical to turn your Mermaid diagrams into Whimsical flowcharts or sequence diagrams. This should make it easier to bring in diagrams from other tools or documents and continue working on them in Whimsical.

You can currently import the following Mermaid diagrams:

  • graph
  • sequenceDiagram
  • flowchart

Currently, these are the only supported Mermaid diagrams for import, and you also can't add subgraphs directly to your flowcharts. However, you can create subgraphs using rectangles, sections, or frames within Whimsical after pasting the main flowchart information.

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