Themes and custom colors

Use themes to customize the colors of your entire workspace or individual files. 

You can change the color names, choose light or dark text, and edit the colors themselves by selecting specific colors from the color picker or using a hex code.

Set a Default Color Theme

To set a default color theme that will be applied across the entire workspace, Select the Default theme under Templates & Themes, which you'll find on the bottom left of your workspace. Click a color or Edit Theme to make changes:

Choose your new default colors, color names, and text colors then click Save:

Changing the default color theme will affect all the files stored in the workspace, including files in Private and Team folders for all members of the workspace.

Custom Themes

Files with a custom theme will ignore changes made to the workspace's default theme.

Create a Custom Theme

If you want to apply different colors to different files, you can create custom themes. To do so, click New Theme under Templates & Themes. Then Edit Theme, do your magic, and Save:

Don't forget to give your theme a name so it's easier to find, and apply to files.

Tip: You can use an extension like this one to find the hex codes of colors you like.

Apply a Custom Theme to a File

To apply a custom theme to an existing file, open the file, click Edit Color Theme from the actions menu located on the right side of the file's name.

Then, click Apply from Themes and choose your theme.

You can change the theme of the file as many times as you like; the last chosen theme will overwrite the previous one.

Any updates made to an existing theme will update all files that use that theme.

Change Colors without Creating a Custom Theme

You don't have to create a theme to change the colors of a file. Simply open an existing file, click Edit color theme from the actions menu located on the right side of the file or folder's name and change the colors there directly.

If you really like the colors you've chosen and want to reuse them in other files, save the theme by clicking Copy to Templates & Themes:

Tip: If you're looking for a colorblind friendly theme, you can find one on this board in our community templates.


Themes and Custom colors are not available on the Starter Plan. They are available when you upgrade to Pro.

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