Collaborating with others in real time

To collaborate with your colleagues or clients in real time, you first have to invite them to the workspace. Here's how to do it.

See who is viewing the file

To see who has the file open on their device, check the upper-right corner of the screen. You'll definitely see your own avatar, but if anybody else is also viewing the file, you'll also see theirs.

You'll also see a cursor with the member's name moving across the file corresponding to the color of the diamond on their avatar. The color of the diamond is assigned to each person at random and can't be changed, but it's there to help you identify who is working on what:

See who is editing the file

If somebody is editing a board, you'll also see a pencil (for editing) or a comment bubble (for commenting) right next to the element they have selected together with their name. The element will also be highlighted in the color of their avatar.

If somebody is editing a doc, you will see the cursor in the color of their avatar, and a note of their name:

If you have opened a comment box, you'll also see three dots if somebody is typing a new comment:

Follow the cursor of another collaborator

To follow the cursor of another collaborator, hover over their avatar → "Click to follow". To stop following and exit the following mode, click on their avatar again or pan / zoom anywhere on the canvas:

See who has made edits to the file previously

You can also see who has worked on a board or a doc at any point in time using the Time Machine:

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