Creating and managing teams

Create a Team

With Whimsical's Organization plan you can create teams in your workspace to ensure the right people have access to the right files.

To create a team, go to "Manage Teams", which you'll find under your workspace name in the top left:

Then click "Create New Team":

You'll then be asked to name your team and to invite workspace members to join it. Only the existing workspace members can be added to the team. If you would like to add people who are not part of the workspace yet, please invite them to join the workspace first.

Invite New Workspace Members to the Team

To invite new members to the team, go here → select your team → Add More People. Alternatively, click on the name of your Workspace (upper-left corner of the screen) → Manage Teams → select your team → Add More People.

Remove Members

To remove someone from a team, click the down arrow on the right and select "Remove from team":

Change Member Roles

Learn all about member roles in this article.

Rename Team

To rename a team, go to "Settings" then click "Rename Team"

Delete Team

To delete your team, go here → select your team → Settings → Delete Team.


Only admins can remove and add members, change admin roles or rename and delete teams.

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