Teams, workspaces & sections explained

In Whimsical, each organization or company generally has one workspace. In contrast, a team is a group of people within the same Whimsical workspace that work together on specific projects or tasks. You can think of workspaces as entire organizations (e.g., Acme Corp) and teams as dedicated departments or functional groups within them (e.g., Marketing, Design, Business Development).

When working in Whimsical, you'll see "Sections" in the left-hand sidebar. These are for high-level categorization and defining who has access to the files within.


  • Private teams are only available on our Org plan.
  • On our Starter plan, you’ll have edit rights to "My Files". When shared, others will have view-only access and won’t be able to add comments or make edits.

Workspace sections

You'll see all workspace sections from the sidebar. Here's a breakdown of each section:


The "Recent" section will display all the files you've accessed recently, so you can quickly navigate back to them.

"Shared with me"

This section holds all files and folders that have been shared with you. If you share files with others, this is where they will see them. 

This section will only be visible if somebody has shared at least one file or folder with you.

"Favorites" Section

To always have convenient access to specific files and folders, you can save them to your Favorites. Once you've added a file or folder to your Favorites section, you can easily access it from the sidebar.

To add a file or folder to your Favorites section, click on the star icon next to the file or folder's name. The star icon will turn yellow to indicate that the file has been added to your Favorites. You can add any file that you have access to - whether you created it or not. It can even be from a different workspace altogether. 

This section will only be visible if you've saved at least one file or folder to your favorites.

"My files"

Your files are in a section that is only accessible by you when you are signed into your workspace. Consider this your sandbox to make drafts or create files you need to keep private. If you later want to share what you create more publicly in your workspace, you can drag and drop files into one of the Teams folders or invite specific people to the individual files or folders that are stored in "My Files". 

"Teams" Section

Files organized in Teams will be visible to all workspace members. However, only teams that you are part of will show in the sidebar, and you can choose which Teams you want to be part of (read more here). All members of the workspace are automatically included in the "Everybody at [workspace name]" team, and it’s not possible to leave this team.

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