How to cancel your subscription

To cancel your Whimsical subscription, go to Subscription which you'll find under your workspace name on the top left.

At the bottom of the page, click Cancel Subscription:

  • If you cancel your subscription in the middle of your billing cycle, you will still have all the benefits of the subscription until the end of the billing cycle you have already paid for.
  • Your existing files and content will not be deleted, so you can restart your subscription at any time.
  • If you cancel your subscription and have added new editors during your current billing period but before the cancellation:

    • Monthly subscription: We’ll send one final invoice at the end of your subscription
    • Annual subscription: The final invoice will be issued a month after your cancellation
  • Only workspace admins can access the subscription page and cancel the subscription.
  • If you are sure you have an active subscription but can't access the subscription page, please check if you've selected the correct workspace. You may have selected a workspace that doesn't have a subscription associated with it. Read this article to learn how to switch between workspaces.
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