How billing works in workspaces

Find out how our billing works, including what happens when you add or remove editors, and how we handle proration.

How does billing work in workspaces?

Your Whimsical subscription is tied to a specific workspace, not all workspaces you're part of. Workspaces are billed based on the number of editors (viewers and guests are free). 

For example, if your workspace has 3 editors and 5 viewers, your monthly subscription cost is $36 ($12 x 3 editors). On an annual plan, the cost would be $360 ($120 x 3 editors).

What happens if I add an editor?

When you add a new editor to your paid workspace or upgrade someone from viewer to editor, we charge a prorated fee based on the remaining time in your current subscription period.

Let's say you're halfway through an annual plan that costs $120 per editor. If you add a new editor at this point, you'll be charged $60 for their editor seat. This is because there are 6 months left in your billing cycle, so we only charge you for the remaining time, which in this case is 50% of the annual rate for one editor.

For customers on our annual plan, we send a monthly invoice to cover any new editors added during the previous month, prorated for the time left in your subscription.

For customers on our monthly plan, any additions to your editor count are included in your next monthly invoice.

What happens if I remove an editor?

If you remove an editor or demote them to the free viewer role, you're welcome to assign someone else to their paid seat. While we don't offer refunds or credits for removed editors, you can still get full use of the paid seat by inviting a new editor to their place for the remainder of your billing cycle. You can make these changes as often as needed within your billing period.

For example, imagine you start with a subscription for 1 editor and then, halfway through your subscription period, you add a second editor. If the second editor is later removed, you still have the option to invite a new editor to fill this available seat, as you've already paid for 2 editors.

How is the proration reflected in invoices and receipts?

Check out this article for an in depth guide to understanding your invoice.

What happens to my files if I cancel my paid workspace?

If you decide to cancel your paid subscription, your files will remain intact, we will never delete your content. However, your workspace will be downgraded to our Starter plan.

Why am I still billed after canceling my subscription?

If you added new editors between your last paid billing period and the cancellation date, you'll receive a final invoice to cover the unpaid period for these new editors.

For monthly plans, the invoice is sent when the subscription ends. For annual plans, the invoice is issued a month after cancellation.

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