Exporting content from Whimsical

You'll find all of Whimsical's export options under the plane icon in the top right. Read about them below 👇

Image Export

For boards, wireframes, & projects you can choose to Export (download) or Copy Image (to clipboard) as a PNG. With either option, there are a few settings to choose from:

  • Background: Include the background or exclude it for a transparent PNG.

  • Size: Choose from 1x or 2x.

  • Selection: Choose to export only the currently selected content on the board.

  • Whole Board or Separate Frames (wireframes only): In wireframe mode, you can download the entire board as one image or you can export frames as individual images. Exporting as individual images is the best option if you intend to upload to other apps like InVision or Marvel.


We don't currently support any type of export to Illustrator, Sketch, or Figma. Although we do have an experimental feature which lets you save a board as an SVG - just add "/svg" to the end of your board URL. It should look like this "whimsical.com/XXXXXXXX/svg"

This will load the SVG image where you can right click and "Save As...":

PDF Export or Print

To export a Doc, or canvas file as a PDF select "Print", then save as a PDF from there:

Shapes and text will be in vector format when you save files as a PDF.

Quick Export using Copy and Paste

Select whatever you want from a file and copy it to your clipboard with command or ctrl + C. Then paste directly as an image into another app (some native apps like Slack, unfortunately, don't support this).

Text Export for mind maps

Alongside the options mentioned above, mind maps can also be exported as text.

To export a mind map as text, select the main node (or any other node if you want to export only part of the mind map), copy it, and then paste it as plain text (sometimes called paste special) with command (or ctrl) + shift + V.


You can export expanded card information from projects by opening the card and using your browser's print shortcut (command or ctrl + P) then save as a PDF.

What to do if my export fails?

If you try to export or copy a file, and see one of the following errors:

“Something went wrong and we couldn't export your board.”

There are a few alternative export methods and workarounds you can try:

  • Try another browser, for example Chrome or Firefox.
  • Append /svg to the end of your file's URL. This will generate an SVG version of the file you can download. If you need a PNG specifically, you can convert the downloaded SVG to a PNG with a tool like this one.
  • Export your file as a PDF instead. These files can also be converted online with a similar tool if needed.
  • If you’re still unable to export your entire file, select smaller portions of the file and attempt to export them separately.

If none of these methods work for you, please do contact us and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

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