Moving and copying files

You can move and copy files and folders between workspaces, or even to another Whimsical account - read on to find out how to migrate your content.

How to Move Files or Folders

Open the folder or file, and click Copy To or Move To under the three dots menu in the top right corner:

Then choose the destination, and you're all set:


  • When you move a board or a doc, the file URL remains the same. Comments and Time Machine history will move with the file.
  • When you copy/duplicate a file, all the content of the file is copied except for the comments and the Time Machine history.

How to Move Files or Folders to Another Whimsical Workspace

To move files from one workspace to another workspace you're a member of, select Move To from the dropdown in the top right hand corner, then select the workspace from the list:

Finally, choose the folder or section within that workspace and your file will be moved over. 👍

How to Copy Files or Folders to a Separate Whimsical Account

  1. Get a shareable link for the file or folder you want to copy, then copy it. 
  2. Log in to another Whimsical account and access the shared file with the link. Then, follow the instructions above to copy it. 
You can also use this method to copy files or folders that have been shared with you by others. 👌
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