Managing access permissions to files and folders

Whimsical offers several ways to manage access to files and folders.

Access to Workspace Sections 

Workspace sections are the primary way of managing access to files for workspace members. To change access to files, you can move them from one section to another.

My files

Files and folders located under “My files” are private to you by default, nobody else can access your private files unless you choose to share them. You can use shareable links, or share files with your workspace to add guests or enable view, comment or edit access.

Shared with you

Files and folders that others have shared with you directly. You may have different permissions per file, such as editor, or viewer. When you share files with others, this is where they will see them.


A team is a subset of workspace members. Each workspace team gets its own workspace section and only existing workspace members can join a team. By default, only workspace members invited to the team can access its content. You can use the Shareable Link feature to add guests or enable view, comment or edit access to team files and folders.

Shared with workspace

Files and folders located in the Shared section are accessible by all workspace members. You can use the Shareable Link feature to add guests or enable view, comment or edit access to shared workspace files and folders.

Here's how the different workspace sections look:

You'll also find Templates & Themes, and the Trash:

Sharing Files and Folders

Creating a shareable link allows you to share your files or folders with anyone including folks who don't have a Whimsical account. You can also control the access rights when creating a shareable link and allow others to view, comment or even edit the file. 

Shareable links for files aren't enabled until you choose to allow them. To give others access, click the Airplane icon (upper-right corner) and choose Get Shareable Link. From there, you can toggle the settings for Anyone with a link to let people view, comment, or edit files. Or you can disable their access entirely:

Sharing “My files” with people in your workspace

Files created under “My files” are only accessible to you by default, but you can make them accessible by everyone in your workspace.

To do so, open the “Share” menu on the top right, and choose a level of access for members of your workspace:


  • Files shared this way, will still only be accessible by direct link, and will not appear in the “Shared with workspace” section, or when searching.
  • When a file is shared with all workspace members, you’ll see this icon on the share button:

Here are the permission settings in more detail:

  • Has no access - won't allow anybody to access the file or folder unless it's located in a shared section of your workspace (in that case, other workspace members will have access by default)

  • Can view - lets anyone view the file if they have the shareable link

  • Can comment - lets anyone view and comment on the file if they have the shareable link

  • Can edit - lets anyone edit the file if they have the shareable link

The other sharing settings are:

  • Include board position - toggling this will open the board in the same exact position when the link was created (only available in boards)

  • Require password - enable if you want to protect the file with a password

  • Allow anonymous comments and updates - enable this to allow folks who don't have a Whimsical account to comment and / or edit your files (only available if you choose Anyone with a link can comment or  Anyone with a link can edit  permissions). 

  • Add guest - to read more about adding guests, please check this article

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