Embedding Whimsical files

You can easily embed Whimsical files publicly to share your creations with the rest of the world or use the private embed option to keep them for just you and your team. Whimsical embeds are live so any changes made to the original files will also be reflected in the embedded files.

Creating an Embed

Click "Embed", which you'll find under the airplane icon on the top right:

Choose from the following settings: 

  • If you want your embed to be publicly accessible, switch on "Enable Public Access".
  • If you only want specific information from the board to be reflected in the embedded window, enable "Crop to Current Viewport".

Click "Copy". Then paste the iframe code into your website or application 🎉


With Enable Public Access enabled, anybody with access to where you embedded it, can view the embed.

If Enable Public Access is disabled, only members of the workspace the file is stored in will be able to access it. You and other members of the workspace will have to first sign into Whimsical to access private embeds.

You will not be able to disable public access for your embeds on the Starter Plan. The disable feature is available when you upgrade to Pro.

If you're not logged in to Whimsical, here's what you're going to see:

If you are logged in to Whimsical but don't have access to the embedded file (due to it being in a private folder, team or a workspace you're not a member of), here's what you're going to see:


  • Private embeds do not currently work in desktop applications.
  • Currently you can embed boards, wireframes, and projects but not docs.
  • You will not be able to see comments in embedded files.

If you’re a developer who’d like to support Whimsical embeds in your product, check out our Embedkit 😎

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