Voting on cards and sticky notes

You can use cards or sticky notes to vote with your team in real time! 

Here's how to create a voting session:

  1. Make sure you have created cards or sticky notes on your board that the team can vote for.

  2. Once you have all the options in place to vote for, click the thumbs up (👍) icon at the upper-right corner of the screen to open the voting window.

  3. Choose the maximum number of votes per person.

  4. Click Start Voting and let the voting session begin! 

    Once voting is enabled, you can vote for a card or sticky note by hovering over and clicking on the thumbs up icon. You can also add your vote when a card is expanded. Live cursors are disabled during the session to avoid biased results.

Once everyone has cast their vote, click End Voting for Everyone to view the results. The results will be displayed on the cards and notes. Any editor in the workspace can end the voting and view the results.

You can also resume voting any time after the session has ended and change the number of your votes if needed. To do that, click the thumbs up icon again, then "Resume Voting".

Need a timed voting session? Read this article and learn how to start a timer for everyone on the board.


  • Voting is not available on the Starter Plan. It is available when you upgrade to Pro.

  • Currently, it's not possible to reset voting to have multiple rounds of votes, though you can define a certain number of votes for one round - then pause voting, increase the number of votes and resume.

  • Voting is only available for workspace editors.

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