Linking between files

When you link to, or mention another file from somewhere in Whimsical, that file will display a backlink to the file where it was linked from. This makes it easy to navigate between files, and see how they connect.

For example, If you add a link to a doc from a wireframe: 

The doc will automatically have a backlink to the wireframe:

Where will I see backlinks?

  • Backlinks work in Docs and all other modes: Boards, Wireframes, and Projects.
  • You'll also see backlinks added to any comments which mention a file. 👌
  • If you use GitHub, it is possible to show backlinks to pull requests, issues and comments by installing the GitHub app.
  • In Docs, you can see backlinks in the header menu and also at the bottom of the file:


If someone does not have access to the file where the link or mention was added, they will not see the backlink.

Backlinks are not available on the Starter Plan. It is available when you upgrade to Pro.

Linking to specific objects or blocks

To copy a link to a specific object (in a board) or block (in a doc), select the item you'd like to link to, and choose "Copy link to Block/Object" under the ... (three dots) menu:

Find out more in this article about Linking to Sections and Objects.

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