Linking between files

When you link to or mention another file from somewhere in Whimsical, that file will display a backlink to the file where it was linked from. This makes it easy to navigate between files and see how they connect.

For example, if you add a link to a doc from a board: 

The doc will automatically have a backlink to the board:

Where will I see backlinks?

  • Backlinks work in Docs and Boards.
  • You'll also see backlinks added to any comments which mention a file. 👌
  • If you use GitHub, it is possible to show backlinks to pull requests, issues and comments by installing the GitHub app.
  • In Docs, you can see backlinks in the header menu and also at the bottom of the file:


If someone does not have access to the file where the link or mention was added, they will not see the backlink.

Linking to specific objects or blocks

To copy a link to a specific object (in a board) or block (in a doc), select the item you'd like to link to and choose "Copy link to Block/Object" under the ... (three dots) menu:

Find out more in this article about Linking to Sections and Objects.

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