Linking between files

In Docs and Sticky Notes we show backlinks. Backlinks are links from somewhere else to a Whimsical item, and they’re currently visible underneath Docs and Sticky Note notes. Backlinks allow you to see who’s talking about a document and where they’re doing it. 

If you link to or mention a Doc or a Sticky Note in another doc or board it will show up in the original file. We also show any comments which mention the Sticky Note or the Doc. 

If you use GitHub, it is possible to show backlinks to PRs, Issues and comments by integrating with the app.

If a user does not have access to the file where the mention is made, they will not see the backlink.


We don't currently support backlinks on boards. That means that if you link to a doc or sticky note in a board or comments, we will show that in the original file. But, if you mention a board in a doc, it will not appear on the board - yet!

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