Adding and displaying links in Whimsical files

There are a whole lot of ways to add links in Whimsical. Here's a quick guide to all the available options - in boards and docs.

Adding links in boards

To add a new link, click the link icon from the toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut K to open the link dialogue.

You can also add hyperlinks to any text-supporting object. Highlight the text you wish to link, and then click the link icon in the context toolbar or use the shortcut Cmd + K (for Mac) or Ctrl + K (for PC).

Once the link dialogue box appears, you have the option to add either external or internal links.

External links

External links are any links that direct you to a different website or online resource outside of Whimsical. Just enter the URL you want to link to and click the Add link to web page button or hit Enter on your keyboard to add it.

We'll automatically detect the best way to call the website and add an icon from the site to the added URL. You can always modify the link text from the context toolbar.

You can also add different snapshots from the website to pick how you want the link to display:

Internal links

Internal links are links to other Whimsical files, folders, or cards.

To add an internal link, you have two options - you can either paste the direct link of the file, folder, or card or use the search function by typing its name.

When adding internal hyperlinks, you can also use the search option which will suggest relevant files, folders, and cards based on the text you've highlighted.


Linked Whimsical files will automatically appear as thumbnails. If you do not want the internal links to show as thumbnails, you can change them to a bare link. Use Cmd + Z (Mac) or Ctrl + Z (PC), or the Undo option in the bottom right of the screen, and the thumbnail will revert to a plain link. You'll need to do this immediately after adding the link.

Adding links in docs

You can add links to text in docs by highlighting the text and using the toolbar or the Cmd + K (Mac) or Ctrl + K (PC) shortcut to paste the link.

There are three display options to choose from when pasting links in a doc:

  • URL
  • Title
  • Card

Tip: File mentions are another great way to add links and reference internal Whimsical files.

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