Embedding files in Asana

Whimsical files can be embedded in projects in Asana as a project brief, under "Key resources" in the Project Overview tab.

First, create a new project brief. Or if there's already a project brief, click anywhere on the title to open it:

Within the project brief, there are three ways to embed your Whimsical file. 

  • Click the + button & select "Other media" from the drop down. 
  • Type "/media" & select "Other media".
  • Click "Insert" in the floating edit menu, then select "Other Media". Shown here:

With all of these methods you'll paste in a Whimsical embed link. Read on and learn where to grab this link. 👇

Copying Shareable Links from Whimsical

Open the file you'd like to embed, and click "Embed" under the airplane icon on the top right:

Next, decide if you'd like to embed the entire file, or just a specific section.

  • To embed the entire file, leave "Crop to Current Viewport" unchecked.
  • To embed a section of the file, scroll so only that section is visible on your screen, then check "Crop to Current Viewport":

Keep embedded files private

  • A public embed can be viewed by anyone.

  • A private embed can only be seen by members of the Whimsical Workspace where the file is stored.

To keep an embed private, uncheck "Enable Public Access".

Viewing an embed in Asana

  • Zoom in & out using the buttons in the bottom right corner of the embed window — It's not possible to zoom out past the selected viewport.

  • Click & drag to move the Whimsical file to view different areas.

  • To open the file in Whimsical, click on the Whimsical logo in the lower left. 

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