Free viewers commenting in workspaces

In a workspace, you can add as many Viewer members as you'd like for free. This is a great option for co-workers or clients who need to review and comment on work inside of Whimsical but don't need to create anything themselves. Because Viewers are free, you can have your entire company in Whimsical while keeping costs low.

There are two types of member roles in workspaces:

  • Editors: Editors are paid workspace members who can edit existing shared files and create unlimited new files. Read this article to learn how editors are charged for

  • Viewers: Viewers are free workspace members who can view and comment on files. Viewers cannot create new files.

  • Both Editors and Viewers are able to access all the files in shared folders in the Workspace.


    On the Starter Plan, all workspace members have admin rights.

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