Understanding your Whimsical invoice

To find your invoices, follow the instructions in this article: Where are my invoices?

Prorated Billing

All our charges are prorated based on your use. 

This means that if you add or remove an editor during a billing period, you will be charged or credited based on the time left in the billing cycle.

When you look at your invoice, you may see a list of line items that represent these editor count changes - these represent the cost or credit applied when adding or removing an editor. 

Each action of adding or removing an editor is represented with 2 transaction lines:

The first (lower) line calculates the value of the remaining time in your billing period. 

In this example, 1 editor at $120 a year with 6 months left = $60:

The second (upper) line calculates the new value after the change.

In this example, 2 editors at $120 a year, with 6 months left = $120:

This is because you're 50% of the way through the subscription period so we charge you 50% of the annual price for each editor.  

Multiple changes during a billing period will be represented as sets of 2 rows like this:

Removing Editors During your Billing Cycle

When you remove an editor partway through your billing cycle, you get a prorated credit applied to your next monthly or annual invoice, based on the time left when the editor was removed.

In this example, 2 editors at $120 a year, with 6 months left = $120

After the change, 1 editor at $120 a year, with 6 months left = $60

Since the $120 had been paid, $60 is returned to the account as a credit to be applied to the next invoice.

Monthly Subscription

For changes made during a monthly billing period, the prorated charges or credits will be reflected in the following month's invoice.

Annual Subscription

Each month during an annual subscription, you'll receive a "true-up" invoice with a prorated charge for any editors you have added, or credit for those you have removed.

If you have any other billing questions, email us and we'll be happy to help!

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