Understanding your Whimsical invoice

When you add a new editor or promote a viewer to an editor in your workspace, we'll prorate the cost for the added seat based on how much time is left in your billing cycle.

For example, if you're halfway through your annual plan and add an editor (at $120 per year), we'll only charge you half that rate ($60) for the rest of the year.

Your invoice will clearly list the prorated adjustments for new editors, broken down into several key details for transparency:

  1. Remaining time: Shows the updated number of editors added in the previous billing period.
  2. Unused time: Shows the number of editors you had before any new editors were added in the previous billing cycle.
  3. Date when a new editor is added: Shows the specific date you added the new editor(s).
  4. Number of editors in the current subscription period: Shows the number of editors you have at the time of your billing renewal.

In this example, the customer initially purchased a single editor seat, then halfway into their monthly plan, they added another editor and were charged $6 for it. When their subscription was renewed, they were back to having just one editor in their workspace.

Monthly subscribers will see the adjustment for newly added editors on their next month's invoice, along with any regular subscription fees for the new cycle.

Annual subscribers will receive a monthly invoice for newly added editors.

If you have any other billing questions, email us, and we'll be happy to help!

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