Using Whimsical on mobile

While we don't currently have a dedicated mobile app, you can access your account to view boards and add comments directly from your mobile browser. Whimsical Docs can also be edited on mobile. 

Signing In

There are two ways you can log in to your account from mobile:

  1. Go to or

  2. Open any file URL → tap on the Whimsical logo at the top-right corner → Sign In

Once logged in, you can switch between workspaces, view all the content, and add comments to files.

To learn more about using Whimsical on your iPad, check out this article.


To add or reply to a comment:

  1. Open a file

  2. Tap the Comment icon at the top-left corner of the file. The icon will be highlighted when comment mode is enabled

  3. Tap on an object, write your comment and tap Comment to submit it

  4. To disable comment mode, tap on the X below the Comment icon

To edit a comment, tap on the comment bubble → tap ... → Edit → make your changes → Save.

To delete a comment, tap on the comment bubble → tap ... → Delete.

To resolve a comment thread, tap on the comment bubble → Resolve.

Switching Between Workspaces

If you are part of multiple workspaces, you can navigate between them by going to the folder view and tapping the dropdown menu at the top-left corner of the screen. Choose your workspace from the list of workspaces.

Logging Out

To sign out from your account, tap the avatar icon at the top-right corner of the screen → Sign Out.

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