Onwards and upwards! From now on all the improvements, bug fixes and new features will be added to a new section on our Help Center called Product Updates. We truly hope this will help you stay in the loop and get a full run down on what’s new and exciting at Whimsical. Here's how you can tell the different update types apart:

  • ✨ New and Improved
  • 🔧 Fixed

Can't make up your mind about how you'd like to visualize your list? Now with text-based import and export of Mind Maps you don't have to choose!


We would love for you to meet Docs 💙


✨How you ever wondered why invoices in the app look different from the ones you receive your email? We have and couldn't really come up with a good explanation, so they now are all identical.


Cursors are no longer visible during voting sessions to avoid biased decisions. While we're on the subject of voting, we're also all for transparent and fair elections!


✨Download a list of all the members in your workspace. Have you added this to your list of things to-do(wnload) already?


We've rolled out SCIM support with Okta so you can manage your workspace users with ease.


✨Links can now be colorful too!


We like whales, so why not use Whimsical from the Naver Whale browser? It should be fully supported now.


You can now embed both - public and private boards. Private boards will only be visible to those logged into Whimsical.

Invite folks to join your workspace as Viewers by default - even if you've enabled SAML SSO.

The game's on! Collaborate with your teammates in the multiplayer mode.


🔧Our keyboard shortcut for selecting text (Cmd/Control + A) went through some difficult times but is now back on track.


✨"Marie Kondo" your boards and folders using the new and improved navigation tab!


🔧Imported SVG files used to change their size when zooming the board. They'll stay put now!


✨Visit our Library and create reusable templates and custom color themes.


You can now respond to comment notifications directly from your email.

✨New icons have once again been added to the app.


Ready, set, crop!


If you have a lot of browser windows and tabs open and can't find that one work-in-progress Whimsical board among them (although you're sure it's there somewhere), install Whimsical on your computer or iPad instead.


If you're allergic to people, disable search engine indexing for your public boards and nobody will ever find them! 


🔧 You should be able to rename boards without frantically clicking with no success. Just a simple click and you're done.


We've added embeds so you can sneak in you awesome boards pretty much anywhere! 


You can now search for elements within a board, boards within a folder or board and folders within a workspace! 🤯


Which shape has three sides and three angles? That's right, a triangle! △

To rotate shapes before placing them on the board, click on them in the toolbar. 


We've changed the engine and tightened the bolts of the Time Machine so it's now smoother and faster.


Whimsical now works on iPads too.


Never miss a card 👀! It's now possible to select and watch cards in bulk.

Say hi to new icons


We've added Lorem Ipsum and Block Font to elements to Wireframes. Use the blah blah blahs now and replace them with actual copy later on.


Enable 45º snaps for dividers by holding down Shift.

🔧Video didn't quite kill the radio star but the TV icon did manage to crash Whimsical for some time.


A little something for those of you with Designer's OCD. Text that is snapped to another object can now be set to be precisely in the center of that very same object.

Ever wanted to create a dark mode wireframe but ended up using dark magic to achieve it instead? Throw the spells away - you can now create a frame and change it to any color you want.

Communication is key to successful collaboration, so we've added another fun and simple means of communication - annotations!

We've added a much quicker way to rename frames. Hit "Enter" and call it what you want! 


All menu bars have become a bit more compact now.


What's better than one new feature? Three new features! Enjoy the new vertical, horizontal and mobile tabs in Wireframes. 


Intuitive and responsive - two adjectives that now perfectly describe our connectors


We've turned things around! No, seriously, it's now possible to rotate shapes.


/ Ctrl + D now remembers how elements are duplicated and can repeat the same exact spacing again and again.

🔧 Locked stacks used to be so locked that it wasn't possible to open cards in the sidebar. We've loosened these locks so you can now view all your cards at once. 🔓


What if we told you that comments could magically appear out of nowhere if you pressed ⌘ / Ctrl + Option + M?

We're trying to keep up with the changing seasons and have introduced new colors! 🎨

Table element has joined our Flowchart shape family. 


Product updates are live! Don't forget to check regularly for updates on this page.

Linking boards used to be no fun. You open a board, realize you want to link it to another board, then open that other board, copy its link, open the initial board again, click "Add Link" and finally paste the link. Anyway, where were we? Oh, yeah, you can now link boards located in the same folder using the "Add Link" button. As simple as that! 


If you like evenly spaced things (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), we hope you'll love the new spacing indicator.

It's completely okay to change your mind so it's now possible to edit links in flowcharts. No need to completely delete and then recreate them from scratch anymore.


🔧Some folks weren't able to upload images due to our image hosting domain not being recognized by some cautious networks. That should no longer be the case so you can keep those images coming.


🔧For a short while adding text in Chrome 77 ended up freezing the entire board, but that's all behind us and winter is not coming after all.


✨You can now use a single board to mix elements from flowcharts, wireframes, sticky notes and mind maps using Board Mode Switcher.


Hide the Quick Add button and allow shapes to become desert islands. After all, it's Daniel Defoe's birthday month.

Copy / Paste Style allows you to take an existing object style and apply it directly to another object. You can even copy style from and to a collection of objects and Whimsical will do its best to match the style based on object species.


✨We've untangled all the connectors so they are no longer creating loops. Wish we could do the same with Christmas lights, though.

✨Use the Lock feature to make objects stay put. Perfect for creating swimlanes, colored backgrounds, legends and, oh, so much more. This magic works with flowcharts, wireframes and sticky notes.

✨If you have come up with the perfect triangle, connector or any other object, you can simply stick to it by saving Default Object Style and use it over and over again.

✨And how do you fill about transparent shapes?

✨Did you know you can make 675 different connectors? Check out our new connector endpoints.

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