Can I restore the content of my boards?

If you make a mistake and have to revert your board to a previous version, we've got you covered!

Use the Time Machine (located at the bottom-right corner) to restore your board to any state:

Time Machine will load the board from when it was first created so it might take some time to fully load the most recent changes. Click Play to view how the board has changed and Pause when you're ready to restore the board.

From there, you can choose to:

  1. Restore the board, which will restore the board to the state you've chosen and overwrite the existing content.

  2. Fork the board, which will create a separate board with the restored content as well as keep the existing board with its current content. ❗Note: Forked boards will not save comments and won't have any Time Machine history.

If you have deleted a board entirely, you should be able to find it in the Trash and restore it from there. Boards that are removed from the Trash are deleted permanently and can't be restored. 

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