Whimsical supports Single Sign-on (SSO) based on the SAML spec.
We've tried to make the SAML SSO setup as simple as possible, and the SAML setup screen shows all the variables you will need to make SAML work for your workspace.
However, the naming of some SAML attributes varies depending on the Identity Provider (IdP), which is why this page is needed 🙂

There are some attributes that are the same for all IdP's:

Whimsical uses the e-mail address of the SAML user to identify them on Whimsical. This will come up with configuration options like "Name ID Format" or "Name ID". When in doubt, try to choose the option that will return the e-mail of the user.

Examples of how to set up some specific SAML SSO providers:


You can find Whimsical in Okta's Application Network, and see a setup walkthrough here.

G Suite

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